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Tutorial – Needle Felted Easter Eggs

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Tutorial – Needle Felted Easter Eggs

In this tutorial we are going to learn needle felting Easter eggs like the above.

For this project you will need:

  • Felting needles (36 triangle, 40 triangle, 38 star)
  • Special foam (for more resistance)
  • 100% sheep wool (I prefer using plain wool batting for the inside of the egg and colorful wool roving for the outside).
  • Carder for mixing the wool roving fibers

Roll the wool into a firm egg shape. For that hold the wool tight when rolling.

Use 36 triangle needles for initial deep felting and needle felt the shape until it’s firm and egg-like.

Use the carder to mix the wool roving, otherwise it won’t felt well because of long fibers.

Wrap the egg in the mixed wool roving and start felting. Use 36 triangle needle first.

As the fibers become denser you need to change your 36 triangle needle to 38 star.

Now it’s time to “polish” your egg. What I mean by polishing is to take fine needles (40 triangle) and needle-felt every square millimeter until your surface is smooth and firm.

That’s it, you are done! You now should have a colorful needle felted egg, which you can use as a decoration for your Easter or a gift. I recommend making multiple eggs as they look nice together in a basket.