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Waldorf-inspired fabric doll – Anouk


Hand-made Waldorf-inspired fabric doll, 20″.

– Skin: Swiss doll skin Lightweight
– Hair: Mohair weft
– Clothes: Linen, cotton, wool, leather, natural wool felt

All clothes and accessories in the pictures come with the doll:
– Hand-knitted woolen jacket
– Pinafore dress with wide skirt
– Full dress
– Panties
– Shoes
– Wool felt purse
– Wool felt peg doll
– Wool felt hair clip

The doll has fully sculpted face with curly naturally looking hair.

This doll is for kids of age 6+.

Tutorial – Needle felted mushroom house – Part 1

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Tutorial – Needle felted mushroom house – Part 1

In this tutorial I will show how to needle felt a mushroom house like the one above.

What you will need for this project:

  1. Felting needles – 38 star, 36 triangle, 38 triangle
  2. Felting mat
  3. A couple of colored felt sheets for decoration (the rug and the windows)
  4. Mouline thread for stitching
  5. Bead for door handle
  6. Plain corriedale wool batting for the base
  7. Colored merino wool for the top and decoration


Part 1 – Stem

We start by felting the walls of the mushroom stem. Put some wool batting in layers and needle felt it with 36 triangle needles.

Tip: Use multiple needles. You can hold a few needles together. I use a 6 needle holder – it speeds up the process.

Don’t forget to flip the wool all the time while felting. Otherwise it will stick to the mat.

Add layers of wool until you feel that the wall will be thick and firm enough for the house to stand. Mostly needle felt in the middle part and leave the edges loose. We will use the edges to make a stem tube out of the wall, and also attach the mushroom cap.

When you have felted the wall (it needs to be flat from both sides), attach the edges to form a tube:

Needle felt it until you don’t see the seam. You should turn the tube inside-out a few times to do this. You should get a nice tube with smooth walls at the end.

Start closing one end of the tube to form a floor. You can add more wool if you get any holes.

Don’t forget to needle felt the inside part also.

The flo..